Welcome to the Leadership Moment!

WHAT: We offer bite-sized insights into leadership with a focus on the Bible, business, missions, and ministry.

AUDIENCE: Our audience is made up of business and ministry leaders who want to gather leadership insights and encouragement from other leaders who could easily be their peers.

WHERE: Our podcast is available nearly everywhere you listen to audio content, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

WHEN: We will record your interview at the time you selected. We generally plan for an hour to allow time for a sound check. Once we've recorded your interview, we'll let you know when we expect to publish it (keep in mind that things can change).

HOW: Click the link we send you to be directed to our online recording platform. Please note that you may need to grant permissions for access to your microphone, headphones, and camera.


Tips for a great recording

We know that, especially for an audio-only medium, you want to sound your best. Because of that, we use high-quality recording solutions. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Prepare your thoughts

Spend a little time thinking about what you might share and some stories that are relevant – especially the challenges and insights you've gleaned from turning points in your life.

Fast, stable internet connection

While we choose recording solutions that are as reliable as possible, we are still relying on the internet to connect and record. Having a fast, stable connection will go a long way!

One computer per person

If there will be two or more of you recording at the same time, it's ideal if each person can be connected using a separate computer – and from a separate room. We realize that's not always possible, but it does make for a much better recording.

Google Chrome

While other browsers may work, we get our best results from Google Chrome.

Quiet recording space

We realize that your home or office might not be set up to be a recording studio. That's okay, but try to find the quietest place you can for the recording.

Wear wired headphones

Wear wired headphones when we record (not Bluetooth headphones). If you don't, we have to make adjustments that will make everything sound worse.

A good microphone

You don't need a professional grade microphone, but use whatever microphone you believe will give you the best results. Please avoid Bluetooth microphones, including AirPods Pro.

A good webcam

We don't require video, but if you have a good webcam, plan on using it. Sometimes nonverbal cues are helpful, and it may also give us video content to create promotional material.