Leadership is leadership, no matter the situation.

Bryan Entzminger and Scott McClelland continue their conversation about what leadership lessons we can learn from a broken ice cream machine.

They talk about commander's intent, the dangers of institutionalization, and the importance of truly supporting people–because sometimes what works for one person at one place and time will not work for another.

Leadership is Leadership, No Matter the Situation

There are many leadership qualities that one learns in the workplace or on battlefields. Being aware of commanding officers around you will help you understand how to lead people in a way that will benefit them best as an individual, not just as a part of a collective whole.

We Can't Assume the Same Things Will Work For Everyone, Everywhere

It's important to remember that effective leadership strategies that work for one person in one situation don't always translate to other people. What does and doesn't work in leadership is very context-dependent.

You have to be able to adapt leadership styles when necessary, which can often mean tinkering with leadership strategies until you find something that will fit the person you're trying to lead.

We Have to Support Each Other

At the end of the day leadership is about effective people-leading and not strategies. When leaders have their priorities straight, they can identify what those around them need most and give them whatever support they require in order to succeed.

It's important for leaders to work together with other members of leadership who are also working towards

There's Danger in Organizational Growth

As our businesses and organizations grow, there's always the danger that they might either become stuck in the past or drift from their purpose.

It's important for leadership to be vigilant about such problems – and to actively guide the organization towards its future. This means not trying to force change on leadership but rather working with them towards a vision of what leadership can look like as those who were once appointed leadership roles have retired and new leadership needs to take charge.

It means honoring the past while looking to the future. And that's why Commander's Intent is so important.

Commander's Intent

A Commander's Intent is a leadership principle. In military doctrine, it is an instruction that informs soldiers on the commander's desired end-state. It inspires unity, assigns tasks, and establishes how they will know when they have succeeded in accomplishing their mission.

We can think of it as the direction set by the leadership for the team to be more effective and accomplish the mission. The people in leadership can see where the team needs to go and what they need to do in order to be successful.

It can be applied to many leadership scenarios. For example, if a restaurant manager wants her employees to provide excellent customer service, she may give them this goal with the following plan: “The servers should wait at least two minutes before seating guests to ensure that all tables are available”.

Allowing your staff time to achieve success not only helps them feel valued, but also reinforces good habits for the next time there is a change or new task handed down from leadership.

Leadership Isn't Just About Leading

Leadership isn’t just about leading people. It's also about supporting them and making sure they feel valued while they do their job well so as not to encourage burnout and resentment among employees.

It's important for leaders of all levels- from business owners, managers, supervisors on up-to learn what kind of support works best in a given situation before attempting any changes without first talking through potential problems with those who are.

Have you ever had a leadership lesson from a broken ice cream machine?

Tune in to hear this discussion on leadership lessons that are applicable no matter where you are or what situation you find yourself in!

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