As believers, integrity and respect are not only the backbone of our faith, they are the backbone of our businesses. In this 3-episode discussion from my larger Believers In Business series, I talk with founder and CEO Scott Sidler of Austin Historical, Inc. about how these character traits are integral in maintaining our Christian witness and honoring God through our businesses. 

Scott is a historical restoration expert based in Orlando, Florida, specializing in both residential and commercial preservation and restoration. He also virtually teaches and guides owners to do their own restoration through social media and coaching videos. 

In Part 1 of our chat, Scott shares how he has woven integrity and respect into everything in his business, during which he offers up the concept of the un-contractor. We then move into discussing the challenges of stepping into a situation where another contractor has broken a client’s trust. And we wrap up Part 1 talking about the impact of rising construction supply costs, supply chain problems, timeline issues, and the impact of Covid on Scott’s business.

“We have to be full of integrity. We have to make sure we’re doing it right and if it means I take a hit to the bottom line, I’m not willing to make more money and sacrifice that kind of commitment.”

— Scott Sidler

What You’ll Learn

  • How faith has played a part in his business 
    • Weave faith, integrity and respect into everything
    • Approaching situations that went south prior to his business stepping in 
  • Current supply chain, pricing, and timeline issues 
    • Honor standing contracts  
  • Adjusting to changes from Covid 
    • Remote coaching
    • Virtual courses

About Scott Sidler

Scott Sidler is the founder and CEO of Austin Historical, Inc., a restoration and preservation company based in Orlando, Florida. Scott founded Austin Historical in 2010 when he saw the need for a company dedicated to serve the specific needs of historic building owners across the southeastern US. He is a graduate of Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont where he studied historic preservation and has been restoring historic buildings since the late 1990s. He currently serves on the national board of the Window Preservation Alliance and is Chairman of the Orlando Historic Preservation Board. He is a third generation painter, plasterer, carpenter, master glazier and has a wide breadth of knowledge about historic design and construction techniques.

Links and Resources

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