In Part 1 of our chat, founder and CEO Scott Sidler of Austin Historical, Inc. shared how he has woven integrity and respect into everything in his business. We discussed the challenges that arise when another contractor breaks a client’s trust, how he shifted his business through the pandemic, and much more. 

In Part 2 of this 3-episode discussion from my larger Believers In Business series, I continue chatting with Scott. He relates a time when his integrity and environment of trust were challenged. He’d been considering purchasing what appeared to be a thriving business, but carefully looking at the business’s books told a different story. Maintaining integrity and following the teachings of the Bible helped him avoid what was sure to be a disaster. We then go on to expand our discussion about disaster avoidance by tackling the subject of temptation. Finally, we wrap up Part 2 by sharing about what it looks like in business to do everything as unto the Lord, and the positive impact of always showing respect.

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As long as I've done everything that I possibly can and I've done it to the best of my ability, then it's in God's hands and I can just kind of rest and relax.

Scott Sidler

What You’ll Learn

  • A time Scott’s integrity and environment of trust was challenged
    • Viewing the books of another company he considered buying
    • Choosing integrity over income
  • The snare and slippery slope of temptation 
    • Temptation will come; be aware and prepared
    • Learning from Jesus’ example; applying Scripture as He did
  • Doing all things as unto the Lord
    • Finding opportunities to work within the framework of this Scripture
    • Resting in God after you’ve done all you can
    • Perspective on blessing: sometimes it’s what you don’t get
    • Building trust and appropriate comfort with clients

About Scott Sidler

Scott Sidler is the founder and CEO of Austin Historical, Inc., a restoration and preservation company based in Orlando, Florida. Scott founded Austin Historical in 2010 when he saw the need for a company dedicated to serve the specific needs of historic building owners across the southeastern US. He is a graduate of Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont where he studied historic preservation and has been restoring historic buildings since the late 1990s. He currently serves on the national board of the Window Preservation Alliance and is Chairman of the Orlando Historic Preservation Board. He is a third generation painter, plasterer, carpenter, master glazier and has a wide breadth of knowledge about historic design and construction techniques.

Austin Historical, Inc.

2113 S Division Ave., Orlando, FL 32805

(800) 611-2601


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