When you’re a coder, you maintain complete control over what happens within the technology you’re working on. But it doesn’t work the same way with God. He often surprises us by taking a different path than our starry-eyed expectations. Our reality gets reset time and again as He expects us to use wisdom and listen to His guidance for our lives and businesses.

In this episode, I talk with Josh Barlow of TechMuscle, Inc. about the twists and turns that demand resilience and reliance upon God. We tackle the tough subject of how God takes care of us but also expects us to understand how to work together with Him. We’re not to simply expect Him to bless everything we choose to do, but rather we’re to learn how God operates. And it’s often different from what we anticipate.

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“I have seen what I believe is God come through sometimes in ways I could not have come through. Things that I believe I saw Him do and get involved. And other times that I didn’t see Him get involved and I had to learn very difficult lessons about, in my mind, over-idealizing how I expected God to operate with me. So I’ve been on both sides of it. It’s not always one way.”

— Josh Barlow

What we talked about

  • Idealism in business
  • Fleeces before the Lord and His sustaining provision
  • Expectations versus outcomes
    • Unraveling lessons and wisdom mistakes
    • When God operates differently
  • Collaborating with the Lord
    • Long, unpleasant times of incorrect anticipation
    • Maturing through the pain
    • Healthy idealism

Connect with Josh Barlow

Josh is the owner of TechMuscle, Inc. TechMuscle helps companies save time, gain insight, solve business problems and capture marketing opportunities. Their work spans from building websites (large and small) to custom web and desktop applications. They are seasoned in planning and managing large projects with numerous requirements.

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