The world speaks the language of business, success and money. As a Christian business leader, God has given you specific interests, skills and insights, all designed to speak that language. Christianity and business are not meant to be divergent. The talents He gave you mean you have a calling somewhere within that space. Just as Joseph was used by God through practical wisdom and business decisions – right where he was – you are able to impact the world as you lean into what God has given you.

In this powerful episode, I talk with Pierce Brantley about calling within business. Pierce is a businessman, minister, renowned author, and the podcast host of The Eternal Entrepreneur. His latest book, Calling: Awaken to the Purpose of Your Work, dives deeply into this topic. I hope you’re as heartened as I am by this practical discussion. 

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“You, business leader, are in the same position right now. On your mountain, in your space, to divinely minister to and be a part of what God is doing in the undercurrent of society…. the skills that God has placed in you to become a competent business leader, someone with great acumen is going to be used by the Almighty, with your anointing, to have incredible change.”

— Pierce Brantley

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  • Foundation of finding calling in work
  • You’re a modern-day Joseph
  • God can teach you anything
  • Where the world puts identity
  • Governance of self-concept
  • Biblical examples of God-given skills and their purpose
  • God’s definition of humility

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About Pierce Brantley

Pierce is a businessman, minister, renowned author and the podcast host of The Eternal Entrepreneur. Through each book, he leverages his dual calling in business development and Christian men’s leadership to guide men toward success – whether on the job or in the home.

Before the age of twenty-six, he’d launched, run, and sold a consulting company. He was a VP of a top ten PR firm in Dallas, and taught companies nationwide about using Christ-centered business principles. Since then, he’s consulted Fortune 500 companies like Panasonic, United Healthcare, Corning, Ericsson, and more.

But he doesn’t account this success to himself. As the oldest of nine children, he grew up in the boondocks of East Texas and well below the poverty line. Total reliance on God, the need to provide for his family, and a strong work ethic borne of necessity, resulted in his drive.

Today, he puts that same intense motivation into teaching men how to lead themselves and their families well. He’s also happily married to his wife, Kristie, in Dallas, TX.

Here are things Pierce writes about:

  • Being a Christian in the workplace
  • Equipping yourself to lead like Christ
  • Managing your business as a Christian
  • Stewarding your life well
  • Having a Christian perspective on current affairs

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