As leaders, it’s our job to motivate and drive our team with positivity and clarity. But what motivates you as a leader? Are you motivated by fear? People-pleasing? A desire to make things as smooth as possible, regardless of whether or not the decision is the best course of action?

For this episode, I’m pleased to have Brittani Miller, Founder of Creative Melodies, join me to share about this topic from her personal experience. We discuss growing as a leader, things you don’t see coming in business, the pitfalls of people-pleasing, how people-pleasing is a form of fear, and the progression into leading motivated by love, not fear.

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I didn’t want them to be upset… And those that had been used to us always saying yes became very upset when we had to start saying no. Because we had created a false expectation. Which was my own fault for people-pleasing and teaching my team to do the same.

brittani miller

What You'll Learn

  • Building a team
  • Clarity about people-pleasing (a form of fear)
  • Consequences of people-pleasing
  • Positive changes from addressing people-pleasing
  • Proper give and take
  • Being motivated by love
  • Tearing down fear

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About Guest

Brittani Miller is a classically trained piano, vocal and flute instructor and the founder of Creative Melodies. She has been teaching music since the age of 13 and has a passion to see others reach their musical goals! 

Over the years she has had the privilege of being a lead singer and keyboardist for a few worship bands, and a music and drama coach for a childrens ministry. Brittani is also skilled in Customer Service, Management, Sales, Leadership, and Public Speaking. She’s a strong entrepreneurship professional with an Associate of Arts, focused in Business Administration and Management, General from York Technical College. 

As a teenager, Brittani competed in Fine Arts Festivals for singing, writing, and drama. She equips her students to read, write, play, and compose music that suits their own unique style.

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