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Joshua MacLeod is the founder of Growability, a leadership and management consulting firm. He is also the founder of Instruments of Joy, a nonprofit that provides musical instruments to musicians in need, and Picture of the Nations, a nonprofit that creates coffee table photo books to represent countries by the beauty of their people. Bernie Anderson is a 54-year-old pastor and missionary who now works with Joshua at Growaility to help equip leaders to flourish in life and work.

Here's just part of their story…

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Joshua was working in the litigation industry, when I heard his pastor, Bernie, say that the whole point is the Kingdom of God. He realized he wasn't living what he was saying, so I decided to make a pretty significant change. He's since founded Growability, which helps leaders develop vision and rhythm and community. He also runs two nonprofit organizations that I run, Instruments of Joy and Picture of the Nations.

Bernie was Joshua's pastor, but felt called to leave that position and move his family to Mongolia. After eight years in Mongolia, he started working with an organization to help missionaries raise funds. He's now joined the team at Growability, helping develop leaders.

“The impact of a pastor in a person's life is just almost hard to quantify in terms of the important role that you play by bringing the gospel week after week.”

What You'll Learn

  • The connection between nonprofit organizations, Mongolia, and excellence in leadership.
  • How God has led both Joshua and Bernie through some pretty interesting changes.
  • What's required for nonprofit organizations to reach their potential.
  • Some of the similarities (and differences) between ministry and business.

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About Joshua MacLeod & Bernie Anderson

Joshua MacLeod is the founder of the Growability© training and consultation series. He is an expert in small business management, leadership training, social entrepreneurship, strategic planning, grassroots marketing and social and film media.

Bernie Anderson has spent the majority of his career equipping and developing leaders both in the US and while living cross-culturally. His experience and expertise empower non-profit, social enterprise, and entrepreneurial leaders with strategic planning, team building, and goal development for long-term growth.

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