The connection between Mongolia, the litigation industry, short films and ministry administration may not be immediately clear. But after this episode you’ll likely have greater clarity. Spoiler alert: It has to do with excellence, not for personal recognition or even business success, but for the Kingdom of God. 

Many ministries struggle with the administration side of things. Finding ways to complete necessary work can be overwhelming and seem to take away from the main focus of any ministry effort. To that issue, I’m pleased to have both Joshua MacLeod and Bernie Anderson of Growability© join me to discuss excellence in ministry administration for God’s glory.

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“It is about the Kingdom of God… God cares about your budgeting as much as He cares about every other part of your ministry or your organization because your ministry or your organization should be excellent.”

Bernie Anderson

What You'll Learn

  • Designed to do business for God’s Kingdom
  • Why we are where we are
  • Excellence in the business of ministry
  • Empowering leaders 
  • Synergy of the bottom line and changed lives
  • Vision, rhythm and community

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About Joshua MacLeod & Bernie Anderson

Joshua MacLeod is the founder of the Growability© training and consultation series. He is an expert in small business management, leadership training, social entrepreneurship, strategic planning, grassroots marketing and social and film media.

Bernie Anderson has spent the majority of his career equipping and developing leaders both in the US and while living cross-culturally. His experience and expertise empower non-profit, social enterprise, and entrepreneurial leaders with strategic planning, team building, and goal development for long-term growth.

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