If you’ve ever wondered whether or not what you do really matters… If you’ve ever thought that “maybe someday” you’ll be able to step into an important calling… this is the podcast episode for you. Each believer has an anointing, because the very essence of Christ is in us. So, the truth is, you already have an important calling… and you can live that out right where you are.

As a wife, mother, pastor, Christian life coach, social science researcher, and conflict resolution practitioner, Dr. Nicole Davis is in an optimal position to speak to this. Dr. Davis and I discuss the reality of how, because of the Holy Spirit, our faith can guard and guide our approach to everything we do within our communities.

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When we show up, it’s really an opportunity for people to experience Christ. No matter the degree… It’s in who we are. In our being. In our essence. In our presence. We ARE ministry.

Dr. Nicole Davis 

What You’ll Learn

  • Honoring the potential of another
  • Working in the light of the Word of God
  • We ARE ministry
  • Guarding and guiding in everything we do
  • Strengthening how you’re doing
    • In leadership
    • In life

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About Dr. Davis

Dr. Nicole Davis is a wife, mother, pastor, Christian life coach, social science researcher, and conflict resolution practitioner. Her passion for family, women, and leadership has evolved and intensified over many decades. As a wife and mom of 30+ years, she has poured herself into nurturing and guiding her family to thrive and excel in self-discovery and their pursuit of their God-given abilities. As a practitioner with over 20 years of professional experience, her passion to impact women drives her every day. 

Dr. Davis’ areas of research interest include gender inequality, organizational leadership, women empowerment, and family dynamics. She believes there is a huge distinction between a woman’s calling, which is determined by God, and a church’s doctrine about the utilization of women, which is a cultural decision predominantly determined by men. She advocates for churches of all denominations to begin having an open dialogue about systemic oppression and alienation against women.  Especially those who show no regard for women’s callings or competency levels. Women need to be developed and commissioned to serve at the highest levels.

For this purpose, Dr. Davis examines the deep-rooted conflict concerning what God intended when He created Eve in the Garden of Eden. She asks poignant questions, inviting women to explore how they see themselves based on God’s original plan for them and seeks to empower them to discover and unleash their strengths and to help them conquer self-defeating habits.

Dr. Davis is also the co-founder, along with her husband, of Empower to Engage, as well as an author, mediator, facilitator, conflict coach, a certified Marriage Today and Marriage on the Rock trainer, and a marriage and relationship coach.

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