When the truth of the Word of God is proclaimed, it sets people free. The desire of people today to know the truth and be free mirrors the desire of people during the societal upheaval of the 1960s. During that time period, The Jesus Movement was proclaiming truth and freedom through Jesus Christ. And lives were radically transformed. That same work continues today, through many who experienced transformation themselves.

In today's episode, I discuss truth and freedom with missionary and Bible translator, Dave Skinner of Network Bible Translators. Dave was introduced to Christ during The Jesus Movement and has never looked back. His missionary work includes preaching the Gospel and bringing both written and audio translations to people who need to hear the Good News. Dave encourages others to set aside anything holding them back and to go forth and preach the Gospel. There is always power in the Word of God to transform lives but truth must be preached so people can be set free. And God has called all believers to this work.

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“What you do says something about what you believe [because] people do what they want… And when any item, whether it’s conceptual or tangible, becomes more important to you than God, it’s an idol.”

Dave Skinner

What You’ll Learn

  • True freedom
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • Going into all the world
  • Eliminating our idols
  • The Word must be preached
  • Push through tough times

Links and Resources

About Dave Skinner

Dave is a missionary and Bible translator with Network Bible Translators. It is their mission to “Propagate the Bible in dialects and languages worldwide and aid in practical application of its teaching by all forms possible.” 

The Network Bible Translators’ website further declares the Kingdom purposes of Dave, his wife and their team: “We are here for Jesus! Preaching the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and His physical return to rule and reign as Messiah, King and Lord over all the nations of the earth and to culminate history by judging the living and the dead and by dwelling with men in a new heavens and a new earth in New Jerusalem for time and eternity. Behold the tabernacle of God is with men.”

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