When Dave Eubank and a small team started Free Burma Rangers nearly 30 years ago, they never could have imagined what God would do. They risk their lives to provide aid in war-torn areas, and have discovered that only love can conquer fear and enable them to bravely stand in the face of danger.

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“Well, the church is the most wonderful thing in America. Not democracy, not even our natural resources and natural beauty. Those are both wonderful, too. But by far, it's the church.”

– Dave Eubank

Dave and Sahayle Eubank are a family with a long history in Texas. Dave and his wife Karen chose to have their first child born in Alaska, and their other children were born in Burma, Thailand, and Alaska. They have a movie, Free Burma Rangers, that documents the 29 years they have spent in war zones, with their relief teams consisting of locals who go in and document what is happening. 

Dave has seen and experienced a lot of danger, but attributes his survival to God's help. He has learned to push fear, comfort, and pride aside and ask for love when faced with difficult decisions. He prays for those in Uvalde, Texas, who experienced a mass shooting, encouraging them to find strength in Jesus and forgive and move on. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How did Dave and Sahale Eubank survive in dangerous war zones while on relief missions?
  • What motivates them to take risks and put themselves in harm's way?
  • How can we learn to live in love despite pain and loss?

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About Dave and Sahale Eubank

Dave and Sahale Eubank are a father-daughter duo from Texas who have dedicated their lives to helping those in war-torn countries around the world. Dave is the founder of Free Burma Rangers and Sahale is currently attending Texas A&M. They, and many others with Free Burma Rangers, have risked their lives to bring relief and aid to those in need.

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