Bill Yoh was a seasoned corporate leader, but he had a lot to learn about leadership in the Kingdom. It was on a life-altering mission trip to Nicaragua that he learned a powerful new way of leading. That trip was the catalyst for a significant transformation, and ultimately led to his new book, Unvarnished Faith: Learning to Love with a Servant's Heart.

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“Those who are served are not the leaders. It's those who do the serving that are the leaders.”

– Bill Yoh

Bill Yoh grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania and had a strong education. After spending most of his career working for the family business, he experienced a life-changing event when his mother passed away. This caused him to take his faith more seriously and pursue Christ with abandon. He wrote a book about his father and leadership, as well as a book about a mission trip he took to Nicaragua. 

That mission trip helped Bill understand the importance of servant leadership, and the need to leave his privilege behind. He also learned the power of introspection and the importance of helping others tell their stories.

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  • How a mission trip to Nicaragua impacted Bill Yoh's perspective on leadership
  • The power of servant leadership, and how it can be applied to organizations
  • What could be gained from a faith-based management offsite to a developing country

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About Bill Yoh

Bill Yoh is a seasoned leader and author of two books on leadership and faith. He has a Master's in Ministry and Theology, and is a passionate advocate for servant leadership.

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