Alex Taylor grew up as a missionary kid in Istanbul, Turkey. Now as an adult, he seeks to build the world's largest humanitarian air force. Listen to discover how he and the team at Orbs are defying the odds of complacency and liability in their daring mission of altruistic capitalism.

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“We're trying to go to those developing countries, to meet those desperate needs. No one else is doing this using aircraft that are high performance, affordable, using Existence, a diesel engine technology, electric hybrid drivetrains… it’s like the very Prius version of an aircraft.”

– Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor had grown up in Istanbul, Turkey, and dreamed of being a fighter ace or a barnstormer. But when his family moved back to the United States, they were impoverished. His only experience with aviation was watching planes fly overhead. 

On a trip to Nevada, he had an epiphany: he was meant to stay in Michigan and use his privilege to make aviation accessible to the rest of the world. He was determined to use his knowledge and experience to build the world's largest humanitarian air force, and set out to create Orbs – electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. He had found his magnum opus.

What You'll Learn

  • How is God's grace enabling the success of a West Michigan based aerospace company in the face of local investor skepticism?
  • What is the story behind the ‘High Sierra Flying' offer and the vision of creating an accessible form of aviation?
  • How is Orb Aerospace attempting to build the world's largest humanitarian air force using vertical takeoff and landing aircraft?

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About Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor grew up as a missionary kid from Turkey. He's now an entrepreneur who now hails from Lowell, Michigan. He is the founder of Orb Aerospace, and is passionate about making aviation more accessible to people around the world.

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