Being a leader will take you out of your comfort zone – to places you would never have expected. This is a story of how being proactive and led by God took Elizabeth Braswell into the far reaches of the world.

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“The sufferings, the really hard things have actually produced way more in my life than when I was just coasting along and not dealing with anything.”

Elizabeth Braswell

Elizabeth Braswell's world was turned upside down when she found out she had kidney cancer and had to have surgery. Yet through all of her pain and challenges, she learned to let go of the pain and to let go of her will to help others, which started her on an incredible journey.

Following God's leading, she traveled across the world to meet her two children, Shanice and Johnie. In unfamiliar circumstances and, despite being 9,000 miles away, Elizabeth felt the Lord's presence so strongly that she knew she had to adopt them. 

Through all the hard times, Elizabeth was able to create a beautiful life for her children. She was able to watch her children grow up and become amazing young adults.

What You'll Learn

  • How has Elizabeth Braswell’s physical suffering given her a greater understanding of what really matters in life?
  • What is the miraculous story of how Elizabeth Braswell was connected to two children in Kenya who she now has adopted?
  • How has the promise of returning to Kenya transformed the relationship between Elizabeth Braswell and her two adopted children?

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About Elizabeth Braswell

Elizabeth Braswell is a powerful leader, a passionate advocate for children, and an experienced traveler. After sponsoring two children from Kenya for three years, she adopted them. She’s traveled multiple times to Kenya and has experienced the Lord’s presence in her life.

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