Samara Mendez's life was forever changed by a chance encounter with a pastor on the other side of the world, leading her on a journey that merged her business skills with her faith and propelled her to the head of the Business as Mission movement in Brazil. Uncover the unexpected twist in Samara's story, and see how business can become a platform for lasting, positive change.

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I think when God made woman, he didn't think about competition, but about collaboration in favor of the kingdom.

Samara Mendez

Samara Mendez, a passionate missionary from Brazil, discovered her calling for the Business as Mission (BAM) movement after a transformative experience. 

While working in a Colorado office, she wasn't sure how to integrate her administrative and entrepreneurial background with her faith. Samara's perspective on the potential of using business as a tool for meaningful societal impact was transformed after reading a book recommended by a perceptive pastor.

Samara found her calling and now leads the BAM movement in Brazil, promoting collaboration and community to achieve the Great Commission.Her journey highlights the beauty of God's purpose and the potential for business to create a lasting, positive influence on the lives of those it touches.

In This Episode You'll Be Able To:

  • Discover the transformative power of Business as Mission movement on local communities.
  • Uncover new possibilities for sustainable impact through strategic business and mission partnerships. 
  • Develop stronger employee relationships to effectively influence society. 
  • Explore the vital role social enterprises play in addressing social and environmental concerns. 
  • Embrace the undeniable value of fostering women's leadership in business and mission endeavors.

Samara's Calling to Business as Mission

The idea of Business as Mission (BAM) encourages entrepreneurs to utilize their businesses to create positive change in their communities while sharing their faith. This concept perfectly aligns business practices with the core messages of the Christian faith. Businesses can make a significant impact on society by offering jobs, growth opportunities, and supporting philanthropic initiatives that align with their values.

Samara Mendez, the guest of this episode, shares her journey and how her calling to BAM emerged while she was involved with YWAM. She realized that her devotion to entrepreneurship and small business could directly contribute to building God's kingdom. Samara emphasizes the importance of embracing one's passion and developing a sense of purpose in order to create a lasting, positive impact in communities. Her inspiring story demonstrates how BAM can be an effective way to transform vulnerable societies by addressing social, economic, spiritual, and environmental issues.

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About Samara Mendez

Samara Mendez went from Colorado to South Africa where she worked with an NGO that trained church volunteers and entrepreneurs to manage their businesses. She was thrilled to be a part of this community and watched as people grew in wisdom and started saving money to invest in their businesses. 

Through her work, she saw how important it is for people to see themselves in their own actions and put their gifts and talents to work. For African people, who often feel unable to succeed, this was a paradigm shift. Samara was proud to help people learn how to grow on their own terms and build businesses that could employ others.

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