Are you tired of feeling like your faith is stagnant despite all your efforts? Have you been told to simply pray more or read your Bible regularly but still find yourself lacking a deeper connection with God? 

It's time to stop the ineffective actions and start fostering spiritual maturity through humility, responding to God's call and embracing Christ-like habits. In this episode, discover the power of deepening your faith as a Christian leader and living a life of consequence directed at God.

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The Lord always wants to lead us, and I think he always provides leadership to us. 

– Scott McClelland

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the vital role of spiritual development in the life of Christian leaders.
  • Gain insight into leaders’ temptations and the importance of humility in addressing them.
  • Foster unwavering faith by connecting with God's call and forming a deeper relationship.
  • Comprehend the true essence of living a purposeful life geared towards God.
  • Adopt a Christ-centered attitude, embracing kindness and benevolence in all circumstances.

Spiritual Maturity for Leaders

In the journey of leadership, spiritual maturity plays a crucial role for Christian leaders. Attending leadership development courses isn’t enough; we must be strong in our faith and well rooted in our relationships with God.

As mature leaders, we are positioned to make better decisions and navigate through challenging situations with grace and wisdom. But, as you’ll learn, this kind of maturity costs us something. While salvation is a gift, maturity almost always requires pain.

Learning through Pain

It’s often the pain and discomfort that we’re trying to avoid that lead to the most valuable lessons and insights. Those experiences help us not only develop new skills, but also strengthen our resolve in facing adversity and overcoming obstacles. And it is in persevering that we learn that we really can trust God not only as our provider, but also our shield, our protector, and the lover of our souls.

Insecurity and Achievement

As Christian leaders, we must remember that our leadership is not about showing off or seeking praise. Rather, it’s a calling to both glorify God and also lift up and serve those around us.

We should prioritize developing stronger faith and trust in God rather than seeking validation or constantly pursuing achievements to boost our egos. It is from this position of servant-hearted weakness that we can overcome our insecurities and have confidence in God as we walk in our calling.

Epic Faith

Almost inevitably walking in obedience to God will lead to epic faith. But the pursuit of faith, itself, is a fool’s errand. For one thing, the pursuit of faith for the sake of faith is often rooted in our insecurities and egos, but that’s not the only thing.

As we know, God provides all that we need to live and walk in the calling He has for us. And that can be said for faith as well. Epic faith isn’t a thing that we develop so that we have it. Rather, it’s an obedient, humble response to the direction of the Father, flowing from a place of trust and love rather than grit and determination.

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