Are you wondering how we develop as leaders in God's Kingdom? On the one hand, we must submit to God and allow Him to be in control. But on the other hand, discipleship is not a passive process. Rather, it's an intentional process.

Ken Brown is no stranger to the tension between being passive and trying to charge ahead rather than waiting on God. Listen as he and I delve into this important topic.

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“You're not waiting for somebody else to come and make it happen for you, but that you're intentional about going forward yourself.” 

– Ken Brooks

Intentionality is a Necessity
Intentionality is crucial to lifelong learning and self-discipleship. It underscores a firm commitment to personal development, often met with a deliberate approach to seeking learning opportunities.

Scott and Ken say that intentional leaders are responsible for their own growth. Instead of waiting for things to happen, they actively seek out opportunities to develop themselves.

Lifelong Learning Leads to Exponential Potential
Lifelong learning holds the remarkable potential to continuously foster personal and professional growth. It revolves around the proactive pursuit of knowledge and experiences, allowing individuals to remain adaptable and relevant.

Within the context of this episode, Ken emphasizes that continuous learning can significantly boost leadership skills and fuel progress on one’s discipleship journey.

Proactive Growth Combats Complacency
Scott and Ken warn against the dangers of complacency in personal development. They share their perspectives that complacency often stems from a passive approach to learning and can limit our growth potential.

To improve, they recommend using proactive strategies like finding mentors, making the most of available resources, and continuously taking small steps to learn and grow.

Listen To Discover

  • Why it's important we be active participants in discipleship and growth
  • Why intentionality is a key component of personal development
  • How things can go wrong when we move from active participant to trying to control our destinies
  • The role of continuous learning in transformative self-improvement

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About Ken Brooks

Ken Brooks’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. His life is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning, which he believes is the gateway to personal evolution and leadership. 

Ken is known for his patience and wisdom. His personal journey shows that we grow the most when we actively pursue growth and knowledge. His passion for self-discipleship and personal development acts as an inspiration for leaders, encouraging them to never stop learning and growing.

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