Join us on a journey through the power of literature as we explore the books that changed the lives of Ken Brooks and Scott McClelland. From the innocence of youth to the responsibilities of adulthood, ‘Backpack to Rucksack' wove a tale that profoundly shaped Ken's perspective on life. But little did he know, other books awaited him, ready to deepen his understanding of human connection and influence. 

Listen to discover what books propelled both Scott’s and Ken’s personal and professional relationships to new heights. Don't miss this episode, where we unravel the profound impact of these books, leaving you craving for more.

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We all want to help ourselves, but did we ever think to step outside and help other people, and we'd still be helping ourselves by stepping out of ourselves?

Ken Brooks

Listen To Discover

  • The transformative power of books as a catalyst for personal change.
  • How to maximize your potential by viewing each challenge as an opportunity.
  • How authenticity and transparency in online interactions enhance your social media presence.
  • How faith can guide us through the most demanding stages of life.
  • The importance of constant growth and reflection in your personal life journey.

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About Ken Brooks

Ken Brooks’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. His life is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning, which he believes is the gateway to personal evolution and leadership. 

Ken is known for his patience and wisdom. His personal journey shows that we grow the most when we actively pursue growth and knowledge. His passion for self-discipleship and personal development acts as an inspiration for leaders, encouraging them to never stop learning and growing.

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