In the unpredictable world of leadership, the power of discernment is vital. But what happens when spiritual activity is mistaken for the movement of God? What happens when we take our focus from building relationships and making disciples to building our churches?

Join Scott McClelland and Ken Brooks as they navigate the treacherous waters of leadership, uncovering the dangers that lie beneath the surface.

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The hardest thing to learn is what you think you already know.

– Scott McClelland

Christian leaders must shift their focus from a Church-building mindset to an emphasis on individual discipleship. This shift disrupts the self-perpetuating cycle of shallow faith, promoting a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God among followers. Cultivating disciples requires a more personalized approach, underscoring the importance of individual connections and relationships in effective Christian leadership.

Listen and You Will

  • Discover the transformative power of personal relationships and investment in building faith.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of mistaking spiritual activity for the true movement of God.
  • Shift your focus from church building to the vital task of discipleship.
  • Unleash your leadership potential as you foster spiritual growth and maturity in those you lead.
  • Embrace the significance of humility in leadership and serving others.

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About Ken Brooks

Ken Brooks’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. His life is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning, which he believes is the gateway to personal evolution and leadership. 

Ken is known for his patience and wisdom. His personal journey shows that we grow the most when we actively pursue growth and knowledge. His passion for self-discipleship and personal development acts as an inspiration for leaders, encouraging them to never stop learning and growing.

Ken's Takeaways

We’re happy to share some of the additional insights that Ken took away from reading the book.

  • As a leader prepare to disappoint and be disappointed. pg35
  • Leaders define reality for and guide the values of those they lead. pg37
  • Just because we can see what is happening more clearly than others doesn't mean we understand it more clearly or that we can accurately interpret it. pg40
  • Quote from Mike Breen: “If we make disciples, we always get the church, but if we try to build the church, we rarely get disciples.” pg53
  • There is no maturity in our leadership capacity that exceeds our level of obedience. pg54
  • Discipleship is a covenant that we make with the Lord, directly and individually. pg54
  • “We don't see the world as it is. We see it as we are.” – Anais Nin pg60
  • The spirit of the age has an offer on the table that looks like “really living” but is a trap, a hollow dark hole. pg62
  • Saying yes to Jesus to this life gift, the full life that Jesus holds forth, means a departure from selfish, vain, hopeless, shallow/hollow lives. It is saying yes to fully giving yourself to a story where you are not the star. pg62
  • As we are learning, sometimes our level of knowledge exceeds our involvement in the thing we are learning about. pg67
  • Some who have large potential or capacity in certain areas are satisfied to compare themselves with the crowd, especially those less talented, and strive only to be a little better than the ones around them. pg68-9
  • We must avoid the immediate surge of gratification that can come with new knowledge and press past this to test what we think we know by putting it to work. pg69

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