What does leadership have to do with a supernatural encounter with God?

As Terance Clark shares, sometimes it takes these kinds of experiences to get us to set aside our preconceptions, our desire to know and to control, and to lay down the things that preoccupy us.

For some, this might be an uncomfortable idea -that we can experience the supernatural. That God might actually bypass our expectations and intervene.

However, we have clear biblical examples of God doing just that. And there's no reason that God can't continue to reveal Himself however He wills.

Listen to Discover:

  • What reverence and fear of God really means.
  • What can happen when we fail to realize who God REALLY is.
  • What we're often preoccupied with.
  • How God's perspective on leadership is different from our current cultural expectation.
  • How God wants us to share what He's shown or told us.


About the Leadership Moment

Scott McClelland of Foundational Missions shares bite-sized insights into leadership, with a focus on the Bible, missions, and ministry. He pulls from a wide variety of sources and always has something to inspire and challenge us to greatness.