The key to true transformational leadership is a willingness to be the first to change, to always be learning and engaging culture, and to invest time in deep relationships with others before ever trying to lead change. This may be one of the most challenging tasks for any leader, because it goes against our nature. But if we don’t do it, our attempts to affect real change will never work.

Listen as Scott and Dr. Noah Manyika continue their conversation about transformational leadership.

Listen to Discover:

  • The one kind of expectations most likely to put us into an awkward position or make us feel like we’ve been blindsided.
  • When cross-cultural missionaries can assume they’ve dug deep enough into understanding culture and relationships (hint: never).
  • How our expectations can create a great chasm between what we think we’re communicating and what is actually heard and how it’s understood.
  • Why we should prepare as though the unexpected will happen (and why it’s biblical).
  • Why understanding and connecting with people is the key.


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