It seems like everywhere we look, leadership is glorified. It’s important, to be sure, but the real value of leadership is often overlooked while we focus on what seems to be glamorous.

Michael Pollard draws from his experience, as well as years of leadership development and training, to share with us what is truly rewarding in leadership.

Listen to Discover:

  • What actually provides motivation.
  • How many leaders actually spend their time, and why that’s upside down.
  • Why great leaders often lose great people.
  • What attracts great people.
  • Why Walgreens was able to thrive, while their competitor, Eckerds, did not. And what that means to leaders.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, it’s always great to come back to the fundamentals of excellent leadership.


About the Leadership Moment

Scott McClelland of Foundational Missions shares bite-sized insights into leadership, with a focus on the Bible, missions, and ministry. He pulls from a wide variety of sources and always has something to inspire and challenge us to greatness.